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The pandemic deeply affected the whole world. Lockdowns are still hindering millions of people to live a social life. Now we are in an ongoing devastating war, a severe energy crisis and a climate change that has been screaming for attention for a long time and now is escalating much earlier than the most scientists did expect.
To be able to handle all those crisises in a resilient and civilized way, from whatever position we are, we need to develop a new mindset together: A New Global Mindset!


Transforming collective thinking and inspiring a sustainable future through global learning, innovation, and collaboration.


To build global networks and long-standing partnerships that support and empower glocal communities to achieve inclusive, respectful, and sustainable development.


What we will do in the future

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Betriebliche Weiterbildungsforschung (ABWF) e. V. is an interdisciplinary association of scientists. The purpose of the association is to maintain and intensify research in the area of competence development and operational learning. In particular, this includes questions of in-company training, personnel and organizational development and learning in the process of work.

“Nevertheless, topology remains the basic mathematical discipline for the presentation of dynamics in the whole field of psychology, and I am more and more convinced that it will become, beyond this, a solid framework for a dynamic sociology.”

Kurt Lewin

“A particular advantage of working with our system is that we measure the most important (significant) operational factors influencing the health and motivation of your employees – and can reduce them to a maximum of 15 factors.”

Gerd Westermayer

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