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About Us

Gerd Westermayer

Dr. Gerhard Westermayer

Gesellschaft für Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung. Berlin

Er arbeitet seit Beginn der BGF GmbH als Wissenschaftler und publiziert regelmäßig neue Erkenntnisse und Ansichten aus dem Bereich der Betrieblichen Gesundheit.

Die Gesellschaft für Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung (BGF GmbH) wurde 1994 gegründet, um als privatwirtschaftlich organisierte Gesellschaft auf den Gebieten des betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagements (BGM) tätig zu werden. Seitdem berät und begleitet BGF GmbH Unternehmen aller Branchen bei der Planung, Umsetzung und Evaluation von BGM-Systemen.

Bella Rong Zhang


Bella Zhang is originally from Peking (China), she has always been interested in the science of mind and human behaviour. After completing her M.A. Psychology degree at the University of Edinburgh, her passion for arts and organizational development led her to further expand her expertise in M.A. Business Psychology and Expressive Arts Coaching and Consulting in Berlin. She is a certified Expressive Arts facilitator and has been applying arts- and embodiment-based methodologies in various projects to empower individuals, groups, and organizations through aesthetics and co-creativity. She is a certified yoga instructor and a mindfulness practitioner for over 16 years. Bella’s interdisciplinary approach enables her to bring the value of creativity and empowerment into the process of learning and development, communication and collaboration, resilience building as well as health and well-being promotion at workplace. By living and working in several different countries (China, UK, Germany, Sweden), she has developed intercultural sensitivity and competences that allow her to bridge cultural differences and create an open and inclusive learning space!

Marie Norberg


Marie Norberg studied sociology, family therapy, Gestalt psychology in Organisations, system theory, change processes and Organisational and system development. For several years she did research in psychosocial work environment which deepend her interest in Management and leadership and its importance for creative, healthy organisations.

She has combined her experiences into a pragmatic, dynamic and process oriented way to work with managers and organisations. After a period running Gestalt-oriented consultancy and leadership development programs she 1997 founded the company she still runs today. She works with leadership development, Management team facilitation, senior Executive coaching and teambuilding.

Always present in her work has been her interest in culture, both inside an organization and intercultural. 

Radostina Netsova

Alter Academium

Radostina Netsova holds three master’s degrees (in social psychology, economics and marketing, philosophy and education) and forthcoming PhD focused on knowledge management.

She has over 20 years of international corporate experience from PharmTech, EduTech and FinTech business sectors and in the course of multiple leadership roles she has designed and directed numerous capacity building and professional development programs with ultimate goal to promote the interconnection between the concepts for life-long learning and well-being.

Radostina’s membership in several international expert organizations likewise her academic and executive interestsare related to cross-disciplinary project and event management and she has organized, moderated and presented on a variety of business, political, scientific and cultural conferences within Europe.Radostina Netsova is the founder and director of a conceptional consultancy company Alter Academium – Psychology Platform for Personal Progress and Professional Prosperity, and author of the Magnum Opus Mindset concept.

Radostina Netsova
Radostina Netsova